Providing support through an artistic venture

Self-Employment Assistance – Using art and creativity to help people

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Tanya started Creative Space Art Therapies to help people experiencing personal life challenges, through artistic and creative ways.

Tanya had started her business in 2018 from scratch, after working as an independent contractor in schools. After overcoming personal difficulties through art therapy, Tanya upskilled to offer therapeutic support to those processing and experiencing trauma.

With the help of Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance and Workforce Australia Employment Service provider, AUCTUS, Tanya turned her personal experience and idea into a solid business venture. Through the program, she was able to receive guidance and support in developing a different business structure and model, reaching a variety of clients she would not have been able to connect with on her own.

“The future looks bright and with the knowledge I have gained, I feel that I can sustain the business for many years to come by growing and changing with it,” Tanya said.

Tanya was also able to clearly define her business needs, set goals and understand her unique qualities through the planning and mentoring sessions that was provided as part of self-employment assistance. Since starting her business, she has received positive feedback from her clients and received professional endorsement from a peer within the psychology field.

“A piece of advice I would give to those looking to start their own business would be to never underestimate the importance of being you as a part of your business. Many other people may be doing the same thing or something that is similar, but what sets you apart from them is the experience, knowledge, passion, vision, and personality that you bring to your business,” Tanya said.

Self-Employment Assistance helps eligible Australians turn their business idea or existing small business into a viable business. The support available includes:

  • Exploring Self-Employment Workshops
  • Business Plan Development
  • Accredited Small Business Training
  • Business Advice Sessions
  • Business Health Checks
  • Small Business Coaching

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