Reaching new heights with the help of Self-Employment Assistance

Self-Employment Assistance – Reaching New Heights

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Sigrid is a creative person who is passionate about art and helping people in the community. With the support of Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance and her employment services provider Asuria, she was able to gain the business skills needed to publish her second book and grow her business.

Sigrid is the owner of Sowelu Studios, a service where art and poetry come together to create a healing and empathetic experience. While she is an accomplished artist, writer and business owner, Sigrid acknowledged an opportunity to improve her business skills.

In January 2023, Sigrid enrolled in a small business training course and completed Micro Business Skill Set that focused on developing a detailed business plan. She joined other participants that wanted to gain skills and knowledge to help progress their small business ideas and create viable businesses.

“Our aim is to support all participants in setting up a successful business. Much of the training delivery content is aimed at getting participants to identify and consider all aspects of running a business that they may have otherwise overlooked,” Sigrid’s course facilitator, Marloes, said.

Through participating in the program, Sigrid was able to increase her confidence and improve her business knowledge. She benefitted from course conversations that gave her the motivation to continue writing her second book. During her time in the program, Sigrid published her second book ‘Nectar Flow’, a collection of powerful poems celebrating healing through poetry.

“Sigrid took an active part in our discussions and applied the information and insights gained during the live training sessions to her business,” Marloes said.

Her book hit number one on Amazon Australia & Oceania Bestsellers book chart during a self-employment assistance session, and she shared her big win with her business mentor and fellow participants. She attributed the success of her second book to the research she had done during the training, specifically the help she had to develop a detailed and targeted business plan.

With the small business training course coming to an end, Sigrid will begin a 12-month small business coaching program. She will receive mentoring and keep her motivated to continue to grow her business and reach new heights.

Participants choose the level of support that meets their personal and business needs. The small business training program includes:

  • Exploring Self-Employment Workshops
  • Business Plan Development
  • Accredited Small Business Training
  • Business Advice Sessions
  • Business Health Checks
  • Small Business Coaching.

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