Transition to Work helped Kyle get on the right track to success

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Kyle was able to start his career and get on track to follow his passion with Transition to Work.

Early school leaver Kyle felt lost and wasn’t sure where to start looking for work, when he was referred to Transition to Work (TtW).  

TtW helps young people like Kyle, aged 15-24 to find work or improve their education or skills. Participants receive intensive, pre-employment support to develop practical skills to get a job, continue education or training, find local job opportunities and connect with relevant local community services.

This is exactly what Kyle did. Through the TtW program, Kyle was provided with support and given the motivation to pursue his interests. Having been unemployed for three months, Kyle knew he wanted to get into content creation. He wanted to start his own YouTube channel and stream games but needed some help. This is where the TtW (through a TtW Provider) came in, providing the knowledge, tools, and skills to help Kyle identify his potential.

“We supported Kyle every step of the way in finding the most suitable activities and services that would help him achieve his education and career goals,” said Nahshon from Transition to Work Youth Mentor, Asuria.

Through TtW Kyle received career guidance from his provider and was motivated to attend some training. Kyle decided to commence a Certificate III in Business funded through TtW, as it would assist with his future goals. He also had the opportunity to access youth-friendly training facilities for face-to-face meetings, group work sessions and has received continued career and mental health support while studying.

“Nahshon put me on the right path, and he was very open to helping me. He started really getting me into a routine that made me push myself more,” Kylie said.

TtW providers are able to connect participants with local support services as well as help with capability development and life skills. Nahshon continues to work with Kyle, giving him the confidence to return to work and help him in both his vocational and non-vocational goals.

Thanks to continued support and motivation from his TtW provider, Kyle now has a job lined up as a bartender, helping him to work while also creating content on the side.

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