Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance making musical dreams come true

Self-Employment – Making musical dreams come true

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Dion had always had a love for music. He was playing in a local Brisbane band and working in hospitality when he decided to follow his dreams and become a music producer.

With the help of Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance (Self-Employment Assistance) and employment services provider Asuria, Dion was able to open his own recording studio called LaLa Land Recordings. While he was confident in the music side of the business, he needed help developing his business idea and skills. Through Self-Employment Assistance, Dion was able to access Small Business Training and financial support to get his business off the ground.

Dion chose to complete the Micro Business skill set as he needed help writing a detailed business plan. Working with his business mentor, Dion was able to write the business plan, as well as gain additional business skills and knowledge to help get his business started.

“It was funny doing a business plan. People come to me to create songs, so I thought the product creates itself out of thin air. But coming up with a detailed business plan helped me focus on how much I needed to bring in, in terms of costs, etc. Rather than leaving it all in my head and hoping for the best, which is honestly something I would normally do,” Dion said.

While completing the program, Dion was also provided with financial support so that he could put all of his focus into the course and his business without worrying about its financial position.

“Dion is a self-driven and extremely motivated individual. He is passionate about his business and the service he provides to his clients. His recent success is a true testament to that.” his business mentor said.

Following the intensive part of the course, Dion met with his Business Mentor monthly to track the business’ progress and hold him accountable to his business goals. Since completing the program, Dion has had some big breaks and is excited to watch his business grow.

“I have had more opportunities recently. Currently, I have a meeting lined up with one of the biggest music management companies in the world and hoping to lock in a few other meetings with some other managers and publishers.” Dion said.

Self-Employment Assistance helped Dion create a profitable business and improve his business knowledge. Without the support of the program, LaLa Land Recordings would not have been able to start and grow to where it is today.

Self-Employment Assistance helps people with their business idea and existing business by providing flexible services, including:

  • Exploring Self-Employment Workshops
  • Business Plan Development
  • Free accredited Small Business Training
  • Business Advice Sessions
  • Business Health Checks
  • Small Business Coaching.

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