Delivering ParentsNext Guideline

This Guideline assists ParentsNext Providers to meet their obligations and responsibilities to deliver Services under the ParentsNext Deed 2018–2024 (the Deed). This Guideline explains Providers’ requirements for:

  • assessing ParentsNext eligibility, Referrals, Commencements and Direct Registration of Volunteers 
  • delivering Appointments and Services in line with the ParentsNext Deed, Services Guarantee, and the Provider’s Service Delivery Plan
  • managing Activities and Participants concurrently in an employment service
  • considering and granting Participant Exemptions
  • using the Participation Fund to support Participants with eligible goods and services
  • tracking and claiming Education and Employment Outcomes 
  • completing Work Readiness Assessments 
  • transferring or exiting Participants.
Delivering-ParentsNext-Guideline v6.0.pdf
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Department of Education, Skills and Employment
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