The following is a list of all the resources that are associated with Australian Apprenticeships.

Future Directions for Australian Apprenticeship Support Services Consultation Paper


This paper provides an update on feedback received from stakeholders during consultations in 2022 on apprenticeship support services and non-financial supports. The paper also outlines the Australian Government’s proposed future directions, informed by stakeholder responses. Responses to the paper will support the final design of the Government’s apprenticeship supports service delivery model.

Future Directions for Australian Apprenticeship Paper.pdf

Australian Digital Capability Framework


The Australian Digital Capability Framework describes the broad digital capabilities required by the Australian workforce. Using common, easily understood language, and a simple, intuitive structure, the Framework can be used for multiple purposes, thereby aligning and strengthening a wide variety of efforts to build the digital capability of the nation's workforce.

Australian Digital Capability Framework.pdf

Digital Capability for Workforce Skills - Final Report 2022


In late 2019 the Australian Industry and Skills Committee established the Digital Transformation Expert Panel to consider how Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) system can most effectively respond to digital change underway across industry and its impact on the nation’s workforce.

D22 1825028  DCfWS final report.pdf

Mandatory Workplace Requirements: Good Practice Guide


The Mandatory Workplace Requirements (MWR) Good Practice Guide aims to provide consistency and clarity to training product developers when determining, justifying, and drafting MWR for inclusion in training products.

Mandatory Workplace Requirements Good Practice Guide.pdf