Single-enterprise agreement making and approval process map and user-centred analysis

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In October 2019, we engaged Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to analyse and map the single-enterprise agreement making and approval process and undertake user-centred analysis of this process.

Their objective was to identify ‘unnecessary and duplicative steps in the process that could be modified or removed, while ensuring appropriate safeguards remain in the system’.
BCG focused on technical and user-centred analysis of the bargaining framework to develop a process map of all steps (end-to-end). They then tested and verified these steps with:

  • employers
  • unions (on behalf of employees)
  • the Fair Work Commission
  • subject matter experts.

In December 2019, BCG delivered 2 products for our evidence gathering process:

  • an end-to-end process map of the enterprise agreement making and approval process with information on users’ experience
  • a diagnosis report which detailed the project scope and objectives, the situation and challenges at the time, users’ pain points with the process, and various opportunities for improvement based on discussion with stakeholders and BCG’s views.
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