Senate Continuing Order – Listing of Entity Contracts

On 20 June 2001, the Senate agreed to an Order requiring each Minister to table a letter advising that a list of contracts in respect of each entity administered by that Minister has been placed on the Internet with access to the list through the entity home page. The letter must be tabled no later than two calendar months after the end of the calendar and financial years.

An amendment to the Order of 14 May 2015 requires all procurement contracts be listed in a report on the AusTender website, with non-procurement contracts to be listed on entity websites.

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Commencing with the 2014-15 financial year report, non-corporate Commonwealth entities will use AusTender to satisfy the requirements of the senate order with respect to procurement contracts only. A listing of procurement contracts is available through the Senate Order link located on the AusTender Homepage.

Senate Order Listing

Former Department of Education, Skills and Employment

The estimated cost of complying with the order is $7,900 based on the estimated number of hours involved to collect, analyse and compile the information and applying salary costs and on-costs.