Australian Skills Guarantee Consultation

Discussion Paper

To inform the design and implementation of the Skills Guarantee, stakeholders were invited to read the Australian Skills Guarantee Discussion Paper and make a submission. Submissions closed on Thursday 22 December 2022.

The paper raised key design considerations for feedback, including:

  • the scope of the Skills Guarantee;
  • the design of the targets; and
  • how the Skills Guarantee could be implemented across various industries and sectors.

The paper also sought feedback on the design of future initiatives to support women to achieve higher paying careers via vocational education and training pathways, with particular interest in hearing about experiences on what is most effective in attracting and retaining women in occupations that have historically had low female participation.

Consultation Summary

The Department engaged with over 100 organisations and professionals through the discussion paper and a series of targeted meetings. This included a wide range of industry, unions, peak bodies, academics, and women’s organisations. 

The Skills Guarantee Consultation Summary provides an overview of these consultations. The Department will continue to engage with key stakeholders across Australia as we refine and implement the Skills Guarantee.

Understanding the perspectives of those engaged in government funded projects, from the organisations tendering for contracts through to those delivering works on the ground, is critical to the success of the Skills Guarantee. 

The Department would like to thank those organisations and individuals who gave their time and insights to help shape the Skills Guarantee.

Download Australian Skills Guarantee Consultation Summary 

Download Australian Skills Guarantee Discussion Paper below:

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