Career Transition Assistance

Career Transition Assistance is designed to help people 45 years and over, to improve their confidence and skills to become more competitive in the local labour market.

This animation follows Henry's journey with participating in Career Transition Assistance to receive help on his pathway to finding a job.

Get ready for work

Career Transition Assistance can help you get ready for work by:

  • finding out what skills you already have and how they would transfer to a new job
  • targeting your job search
  • tailoring your job application

It can also help to build your confidence with the technology that is typically found in workplaces such as desktop computers and tablets.

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Check your eligibility

If you're a job seeker 45 years and over, you're eligible to be referred to Career Transition Assistance if you participate in:

The program is free for eligible individuals, whether you are on income support or not.

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How to get involved

Individuals in Workforce Australia Online can sign up for Career Transition Assistance by:

Individuals with an employment services provider can talk to their provider about referral to a suitable course.

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CTA in real life

To see how Career Transition Assistance has helped people across Australia to change career, visit the Newsroom.

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