Employment services evaluations

About evaluations

Evaluation is the systematic and impartial assessment of a policy or program. Evaluations aims to inform future policy development, drive continuous improvement and innovation, and contribute to transparency and accountability.

Employment services evaluations typically assess program and policy appropriateness, efficiency and whether outcomes are being delivered as intended, generating evidence to inform decision-making and continuous improvement.

Our evaluations focus on gathering accurate and meaningful evidence and insights through:

  • analysing departmental administrative data
  • surveys of employment services providers, job seekers, employers, and other stakeholders
  • interviews and focus groups
  • analysis of other available data

Evaluation reports

The evaluation reports are ordered by approximate year, with the most recent first. Where available, and not included in the evaluation report itself, key findings and departmental responses are also included.

We aim to provide documents in an accessible format. If you're having problems accessing any of these documents, please contact us for help.


Evaluation Strategy for Workforce Australia Employment Services 2022–2028


Local Jobs Program 2020–2022 Evaluation


Career Transition Assistance Program 2019–2021 Evaluation

New Employment Services Trial Evaluation

ParentsNext 2018–2021 Evaluation

Skills and Training Incentive 2019–2021 Evaluation

Transition to Work Final Evaluation


Online Employment Services Trial (OEST) Evaluation

Online Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI) Trial Evaluation


Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Initiative 2016–2019 Evaluation

Youth Jobs PaTH Evaluation


jobactive Evaluation Final Report

ParentsNext 2016–2018 Evaluation


Job Commitment Bonus for Young Australians Evaluation

Relocation Assistance to Take Up A Job Evaluation


jobactive Interim Evaluation

Transition to Work Interim Evaluation

The Tasmanian Jobs Programme Evaluation

Helping Young Parents and Supporting Jobless Families Research


Evaluation of Work for the Dole 2014–2015

Job Services Australia Evaluation 2012-2015


Job Services Australia Quality Standards Pilot Evaluation


Employment Pathway Fund Evaluation

Job Services Australia Evaluation 2009-2012


Job Network Evaluation


Active Participation Model Evaluation