Helping Young Parents and Supporting Jobless Families Research Report

This report assesses the impact of the additional supports provided to young parents and their children to encourage participation in study and training and engagement with early childhood learning and development activities through the Helping Young Parents (HYP) and Supporting Jobless Families (SJF) placed-based trials operated under the Department of Employment portfolio in 2012.

Both trials were due to conclude 30 June 2015 but were extended until 31 March 2016 to align with the start of the ParentsNext program.

The first trial, the Helping Young Parents (HYP) trial, commenced on 1 January 2012. The trial emphasised supporting young parents’ to achieve at least a Year 12 or equivalent qualification and did not require young parents to undertake job search activities or accept paid employment.

The second trial, Supporting Jobless Families, was a Building Australia’s Future Workforce measure that started 1 July 2012. It aimed to assist parents’ preparation to return to the workforce once their youngest child was school age through encouraging parent participation in education and employment activities, engaging children in early learning activities and linking jobless families with local support services.

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