Launch into Work for business

Are you interested in designing a small-scale project with the department in order to fill vacancies in your business?

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The Launch into Work program is for businesses who want to use a pre-employment project to fill entry-level roles. This means individuals don’t require a degree or higher-level vocational qualification to commence work.

The department will work with you to design projects tailored to the roles available in your business.

You can identify the personal values, attitudes and behaviours you look for in workers. This information is used to select suitable individuals. The pre-employment project gives these individuals the skills, experience and confidence to start work.

One of the program's aims is to create long-term secure employment for women, but projects are not only for women. Anyone aged 18 years or over can participate if they are in:

  • Workforce Australia Services
  • Transition to Work
  • ParentsNext

All Launch into Work projects must meet these requirements:

  • training tailored to the positions
  • practical activities in the workplace
  • participant mentoring
  • employment for suitable individuals who successfully complete a pre-employment project.

Here’s how it works

The following process applies to small scale projects only.

  1. A business has entry level job opportunities and is willing to trial a new way of recruiting.
  2. The business registers their interest in Launch into Work at
  3. The department and the interested business meet. Together, they determine whether Launch into Work is a suitable program.
  4. If the program is suitable, the department and the business work together to design a project.
  5. Once the design is complete, the department may invite the business to submit a formal proposal.
  6. The department assesses the proposal to ensure it meets requirements. If suitable, the department and the business enter into a contract.
  7. The business starts work under the contract by briefing employment services providers. The providers then refer eligible individuals to the project.
  8. The business screens and selects individuals to participate in the pre-employment project.
  9. The business delivers the pre-employment project. The business tracks project outcomes and lessons learnt and reports to the department.
  10. The business employs all individuals who successfully complete the project.

Values based recruitment

Individuals might not have the skills, experience and confidence your organisation needs. These people may still be suitable for work provided they are a good match in other ways. Values-based recruitment means:

  • selecting individuals with the right values, attitudes and behaviours
  • equipping them for work through tailored training and development.

Employment outcomes

All individuals who successfully complete a project must be offered secure employment. If a participant does not complete all elements of the project, or doesn’t display the values and attributes you are looking for, there is no obligation to employ them.


Launch into Work business flyer


Flyer providing information about the Launch into Work program for business.

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