Launch into Work for individuals

You might not have the skills, experience and confidence you need for work right now. But you could still be a good match for a business because of your values, attributes and behaviours.

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Under the Launch into Work program, businesses work with the department to design pre-employment projects to prepare individuals for work in their business.

Individuals are selected for projects when they demonstrate:

  • the values, attributes and behaviours required by the business and the role
  • a genuine interest in working for the business/industry and in the role
  • a commitment to using the pre-employment project to build the skills needed to start in the role.

When an eligible individual participates in a project:

  • they fully meet their mutual obligation requirements for the duration of the project
  • they will continue to receive income support payments while participating in a project.

All pre-employment projects include:

  • training tailored to the position
  • practical activities in the workplace
  • mentoring.

Individuals who successfully complete a project will be offered employment. Someone successfully completes a project when they meet all requirements set across the project and continue to demonstrate the required values and attributes they were selected for.

Projects will generally be between 2 and 6 weeks in duration. Some projects require more training and could run for up to 12 weeks.

One of the program's aims is to create long-term secure employment for women, but projects are not only for women. Anyone aged 18 years or over can participate if they are with one of the following providers:

  • Workforce Australia Services
  • Transition to Work
  • ParentsNext

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