It’s never too late for a career change

Vector artwork of a man in a high-visibility outfit wearing a hardhat and holding a sign, standing on a road. To his right is the title 'Rashaad's story'.

Finding a job or thinking about a career change can be daunting, which is exactly how Rashaad felt.

At 59 years of age, Rashaad was looking for support to find a new job.

Rashaad previously worked in bricklaying but needed a career change. He worked with his Workforce Australia Employment Services provider at Workskil Australia to develop and improve his digital literacy and job search skills.

The provider supported Rashaad to develop his computer skills, write a resume and feel confident to use Workforce Australia Online. He also received help to prepare for job interviews and secure work.

“My employment coach made me believe that he would find the right opportunity to turn things around,” Rashaad said.

Rashaad now has a permanent role as a traffic controller and loves his job. He finds the work both challenging and enjoyable, has made new friends and gained valuable experiences in a different industry.

Rashaad’s story is a reminder that mature age people make valuable contributions to Australian workplaces, bringing experience and transferable skills to various sectors and roles.

The Mature Age Hub hosts a wealth of resources for people looking for a job or career change, and for businesses looking to learn more about the benefits of hiring mature age people. To find out more, visit the Mature Age Hub. You can also visit the Workforce Australia website to check out job opportunities in your local area.

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