Little moments today can change children’s lives

Teacher and student talking

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The conversations teachers have with their primary school students can have a ripple effect that influences the way children see themselves and their future.

Building on the success of the first release of Little Ripples resources The National Careers Institute, in partnership with the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), has just released a second suite of non-curriculum-based resources to support the aspirational conversations primary school educators and teachers have with their students about the world of work. The new resources include a hero video, posters, and activity sheets.

The compelling hero video reunites adults with their primary school teachers and explores the positive impact primary school teachers have on students’ future careers, achievements and life outcomes.

The free and easy to download, printable activity sheets are designed to support primary school educators have interactive sessions with children around future career aspirations. 

The activity sheets and posters also support the release of the three eBooks in August this year.

We asked Primary Teachers and Education Support Aides about the Little Ripples eBooks and here is some of what they said:

“You have covered everything. Ethnicity, challenged gender-based roles, disability, age, exposure to different careers as well as providing a sense of community. It’s also a lovely read.” 

“The books and storylines are engaging and the colourful illustrations will increase the students understanding of the different occupations.”

“The Little Ripples books are gorgeous little stories. I have shared them with my teaching colleagues who are planning to use them in term 4 when their students will be learning about different careers.” 

Little Ripples is about raising aspirations, opening doors and showing children the vast range of possibilities in the world of work. 

For more information on Little Ripples, or to download the Little Ripples resources, visit Your Career.

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