The transport, postal and warehousing industry gets a boost!

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For the next 10 months (September to July) up to 160 participants will get the opportunity to prepare themselves for a career in the transport, postal and warehousing industry.

The Pathway to Transport and Logistics project delivered by Workforce Specialist Driver Risk Management is a pre-employment program available to all Workforce Australia Services, Workforce Australia Online and Transition to Work participants, including all ages and cohorts. It is being delivered in Western Australia, targeting Perth, Albany and Bunbury.

The project aims to prepare participants for entry level positions in the transport, postal and warehousing industry, including as automotive drivers, couriers, valet parkers, postal delivery drivers, warehousing and warehousing fitters.

The project sees participants:

  • complete accredited and non-accredited units of competency
  • prepare for employment opportunities through résumé and interview assistance
  • participate in an elevator pitch session to promote their capabilities in front of employers
  • be offered entry-level employment opportunities
  • receive 4 weeks of post placement support, and
  • receive up to 20 driving lessons (if eligible).

Workforce Specialists develop and deliver strategic projects to meet the workforce needs of identified industries and occupations, connecting them to eligible individuals in Workforce Australia Services, Workforce Australia Online and Workforce Australia – Transition to Work.

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