National Training Register Enhancement Project

The National Training Register Enhancement Project is building a modern, transparent, and easy-to-use platform to support Australia’s vocational education and training sector now and into the future.

The National Training Register (NTR)

The NTR Enhancement Project includes 4 key components:

  • enhancing the website
  • improving the Training Package development process
  • building the Training Package Content Management System
  • modernised webservices.
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The new website will have:

  • user friendly navigation paths
  • improved search and reporting capabilities
  • upgraded support and maintenance technology.
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Building the Training Package Content Management System

The improved process for development and consultation of nationally recognised training packages will be:

  • streamlined
  • transparent
  • integrated.
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Modernised webservices

Technical connections between the website and external systems will be modernised and improved to be:

  • secure
  • responsive
  • compatible with external systems.
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The need for change

The Australian Government is committed to delivering a collaborative VET sector, bringing employers, unions and governments together to find solutions to skills and workforce challenges. This includes a strengthened training system and ensures that the national register remains the VET sector’s source of truth.

All Skills Ministers have agreed to new industry engagement arrangements that place industry and learners at the centre of the VET system. These arrangements seek to ensure that training product development is more timely, less bureaucratic, and less complex while still delivering national and local skills needs.

The NTR Enhancement Project is building systems and processes to help bring these arrangements to life.

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How we are engaging with stakeholders

Our engagement approach will create timely and effective opportunities to enable the VET sector to understand what we are delivering and provide feedback to support a smooth and effective transition. These opportunities include VET sector conferences, demo and feedback sessions, training, and user testing.

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The NTR Enhancement Project is being delivered over the next few years, with final completion expected in mid-2025.

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Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you – contact the project team at to collaborate on the NTR Enhancement Project.