Modernised Webservices

Secure, responsive webservices are critical to ensuring the VET sector can access data from the national register.

We are updating the webservices connection from existing (SOAP) APIs to modern (REST) APIs for several reasons:

  • REST APIs have been accepted as the default modern mechanism for transferring data between government systems and products.
  • REST APIs are secure and performs well when modelling systems and data. The principles can be applied to systems that are both large and small and the tooling available to developers largely supports data access out of the box.
  • Adopting REST APIs improves the speed with which we can alter web services as needed.
  • Adopting REST APIs improves interoperability across government systems. REST APIs are more widely available and government departments are already well versed in working with them.

How we are working with the VET sector to transition to the new webservices

We have established a working group to discuss the changes, conduct early testing and establish support processes. If you use the current web services and would like to be involved, get in touch with us at