Building the Training Package Content Management System

The Training Package Content Management System (TPCMS) is an authoring tool for Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) to draft and revise training packages. It will have a better user experience than current tools, and be integrated with other systems for improved reporting and version control.

On this page:

We are centralising and improving the user experience of the current training package authoring tool (TPCMS) to support Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) in developing training packages aligned to the Training Package Organising Framework (TPOF).

The current training package development process uses several systems, is highly manual, and the data is limited in searching and reporting capabilities.

The new system will centralise the development of feedback of training packages into This will provide:

  • A modern and responsive user experience for Jobs and Skills Councils to create and develop training packages
  • Improved data quality by removing manual processes and previous formatting issues in legacy systems
  • Potential shortened time for new training packages to reach the market
  • Greater security with improved authentication
  • A new and improved feedback process on training packages for the VET sector which supports the Training Package Operating Framework.

This is expected to be delivered in mid to late 2024.

For further information on the changes get in touch with the project at