TAFE Technology Fund

TAFE Technology Fund now open for application by state and territory governments.

The Australian Government has committed $50 million to improving TAFE campuses around Australia. The $50 million TAFE Technology Fund will support TAFEs across the country to upgrade and expand their facilities, such as laboratories, workshops and IT services.

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The Australian Government is committed to putting TAFE at the centre of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. The Government is investing $50 million over 2022-23 and 2023-24 for TAFEs to upgrade facilities and ensure TAFE is delivering training to standards expected by students and industry.

There are 14 tranche 1 projects initially committed across 5 states and territories that will be funded under the TAFE Technology Fund. These commitments are valued at $28.2 million and are being progressed with state and territory governments. Details of projects will be made available on the Council on Federal Financial Relations website as they are agreed with states and territories.

The balance of the fund ($21.8 million) will be allocated amongst projects proposed by state and territory governments for their TAFEs through a competitive merit process to be run in 2023. Proposals for small infrastructure projects such as building and construction works to expand, upgrade or refurbish TAFE facilities and buildings, purchasing or upgrading specialist-training equipment, and investing in technological infrastructure may be submitted.

Approval of projects for funding under the TAFE Technology Fund will rest with the Australian Government Minister for Skills and Training.

The Guidelines for state and territory governments to make applications for the balance of the fund are now open and available at the below links. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of the Guidelines will also be posted separately and updated in response to state, territory and stakeholder questions.

Interested parties are advised to check the FAQs regularly for updates.