The following is a list of all the resources that are associated with Skills Reform.

Draft Standards for RTOs


This document is a clean version of the draft revised Standards. Note that the Standards do not reflect all requirements for RTOs and should be read alongside the consultation paper.

Draft Standards for RTOs-October2022.pdf

Draft Standards for RTOs – Intent and Explanation


This version of the draft Standards includes a technical explanation of the proposed changes and information about the intent of the revised requirements, for the purposes of consultation.

Draft Standards for RTOs – Intent and Explanation.pdf

Factsheet - independent training product assurance


The Training Package Assurance function will deliver increased transparency, accountability, and confidence in training products for employers, learners and training providers. It ensures high quality compliance assessments of training packages against the standards set by Skills Ministers.

Factsheet - independent training product assurance.pdf

Proposed Qualification Model Examples


Examples of how Skill Standards, Training and Assessment Requirements and Completion Rules may be written as part of the proposed qualifications model.

Proposed Qualification Model Examples.pdf