The following is a list of all the resources that are associated with Skills Reform.

Qualification Reform Design Group - March 2024 update


In March 2024, the Qualification Reform Design Group delivered its initial advice to Skills Ministers on reforming Australia’s vocational education and training qualification system.  Attached is the Design Group March 2024 update.

Development of the Draft Revised Standards for RTOs Paper


A paper on the development of the draft revised Standards for RTOs, which contains the latest draft Standards alongside a supporting narrative which explains their development and changes made since the version released for consultation in November 2022.

Development of the Draft Revised Standards for RTOs Paper.pdf

Chief Executive Certification for Government Advertising Campaigns - Certification Statement - Fee-Free TAFE Campaign


Certification statement for the Fee-Free TAFE campaign showing that the Secretary of the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations certifies that this campaign complies with the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by non-corporate Commonwealth entities.

Signed certification Fee-Free TAFE campaign.pdf

Qualification Reform Design Group - August 2023 update


The Qualification Reform Design Group has now commenced the task set for it by Skills Ministers to provide advice about the design of a reform process for vocational education and training (VET) qualifications which prepares the sector for the future. Attached is the Design Group update for August 2023.

Qualification Reform Design Group - Update Aug 2023 - Final.pdf

TAE/FSK Technical Reference Group Terms of Reference


Following Skills Ministers’ endorsement on 24 February 2023, the Commonwealth Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) will have temporary oversight of the Training and Education (TAE) and Foundation Skills (FSK) Training Packages.

Training and Education – Foundation Skills Training Packages – Technical Reference Group – Terms of Reference.pdf