Skills Assessment Engagement

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The department consults with a range of stakeholders on skills assessments, including:

  • Assessing authorities
  • Government departments
  • Education and training providers
  • Migration agents
  • Business and industry groups
  • Unions
  • Multicultural community organisations
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Assessing Authority Workshops

The department hosts online meetings and workshops for assessing authorities. Participants share their mutual experiences and discuss topical issues relevant to the sector. 

These are also a forum to advise on governance matters and skills assessment data.

Community Roundtable on Skills Assessment (CRoSA)

CRoSA is a forum for collaboration between the department and key migrant organisations. 

The forum discusses issues, raises ideas, and shares information about skills assessment matters.


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Assessing Authority Bulletins

The Assessing Authority Bulletins are an avenue for the department to provide news and updates relevant to the skills assessments space.