Assessing Authority Policy and Assurance

The department has oversight of the skills assessment sector and assessing authorities.

What is the department's role?

The department supports the Minister for Skills and Training through oversight of the appointed assessing authorities. The roles and responsibilities are set out in the Guidelines for Skilled Migration Assessing Authorities, and include:

  • making recommendations to the Minister for approval of assessing authorities,
  • monitoring assessing authorities’ performance,
  • providing skills recognition policy advice,
  • liaising with the Department of Home Affairs and other Australian Government agencies, and
  • ensuring demonstration of Australia’s international obligations in skills recognition.
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What is a skills assessment?

Skills assessments are issued by skilled migration assessing authorities. These ensure migrants’ skills, experience and qualifications meet work standards in Australia.

Skills assessments are a key element of Australia's skilled migration system.

These are mandatory for migration purposes for some visa subclasses. Migrants can also use a successful skills assessment letter when applying for a job.

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What is an assessing authority?

Assessing Authorities are organisations that conduct skills assessments. They check that potential migrants have the skills that meet standards to work in their nominated occupation in Australia.

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Guidelines for Skilled Migration Assessing Authorities

The purpose of the Guidelines for Skilled Migration Assessing Authorities is to outline the policy and procedure framework for organisations seeking to become assessing authorities and manage ongoing compliance.

Where can I find out more?

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