Skills Assessment FAQs

Frequently asked questions about skills assessments.

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What is the difference between a skills assessment, recognition of prior learning (RPL), and mutual recognition of occupational licences?

A skills assessment is issued by an assessing authority. It is mandatory for migration purposes for some visa subclasses. Migrants can also attach their successful skills assessment letter to their resume to show their skills and qualifications have been formally recognised.

RPL is a process that assesses your competency acquired through formal and informal learning. This determines if you meet the requirements for a unit of study in Australia. For more information visit ASQA (for Registered Training Organisations RPLs) or TEQSA (for tertiary education RPLs).

Mutual recognition of occupation licences enables a licence for work in one country or jurisdiction to be used in another. This can differ between the countries, states and territories in Australia.

Where can I find information about my occupation?

You can find useful information about your occupation in Australia at the following websites:

Skills Assessment Outcomes

I disagree with the outcome of my skills assessment. Can I get a review? 

If you disagree with your outcome, you can ask your assessing authority for a review. Your assessing authority will have review and appeals procedures published on their website. 

Assessing authorities are responsible for setting their assessment standards. The department does not review decisions made by assessing authorities.

What does it mean when my outcome letter says my qualification is not comparable to standards in the Australian Qualifications Framework?

You will need to contact your assessing authority for more information. Your assessing authority can give you more information about your skills assessment outcome.

My assessing authority said my qualification was not relevant, even though I have several years of experience working in my occupation. What should I do?   

You may be able to enrol in a course or training program to receive recognition of prior learning (RPL) for your work experience. If you choose to undertake a new qualification, make sure your assessing authority will recognise it.

Please contact your assessing authority for more information specific to your occupation. 

Complaints and appeals

How do I make a complaint about an assessing authority?  

Assessing authorities will have their complaints services and processes published on their website.

For assessing authorities which are government entities, applicants can escalate a complaint to the relevant ombudsman.

Visa and migration

I have a question about a visa/permanent residency/immigration. Can the department help?

For information on immigration to Australia, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

The Department of Home Affairs manages visas, migration legislation and migration policy.

You may also choose to seek the services of a Registered Migration Agent to provide migration advice and assistance with your visa application.

Information for organisations

How does my organisation become an assessing authority? 

To apply, an organisation must demonstrate their eligibility, sound business practice and skills assessment criteria. 

The department assesses all applications and makes a recommendation to the Minister for Skills and Training.

For more information, see the Guidelines for Skilled Migration Assessing Authorities.