Reports using survey data

How information from the Job Seeker Survey is used and where the results can be found.

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The Australian Government uses the information from the surveys to show the rate of employment and education outcomes for different groups of participants when they take part in employment services. The Government groups information together and does not release person level data.

Employment Services Outcomes reports

Each quarter the Employment Services Outcomes report is released. Each report shows the employment and education outcomes of people who take part in employment services over a 12 month period. These reports are available for each quarter from 2013 onward.

Initial Workforce Australia Transition Survey – Results

The department has recently conducted a survey of participants asking about their experiences of the transition to Workforce Australia. The survey ran from 28 July to 4 August 2022, with participants asked about their understanding of Workforce Australia, the helpfulness of various information sources, and their early impressions of the service.

Of those who were invited, 16.3 per cent (or around 3,000 people) responded to the survey, either online or by phone.

The results, provided below, are reported for respondents overall, as well as being broken down by several key demographics. The survey methodology is also provided.

Annual Report

Surveys form the basis of many of the key performance indicators reported in the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations Annual Report.

Other ways survey data is used

The department also uses information from surveys to review employment services programs and providers.

Occasionally, the survey results feed into other reports that the department publishes for external use. Survey data is always aggregated for reporting purposes.