Skills Assessment Pilots

Skills Assessment Pilots deliver faster, cheaper skills assessments and improve employability for migrants. These Pilots enable onshore migrants who have the skills in priority occupations to join the workforce in Australia.

What is on offer?

If you are a migrant in Australia, the Pilots can help you get your skills recognised. This will show that you have the skills needed to work in in Australia. The Pilots can help you in two ways:

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Get your skills recognised – Pilot 2

In Australia, some jobs need you to have your skills formally recognised to be able to work in them. A skills assessment can help you show employers you have the skills they are looking for.

If you have experience or qualifications and are on an eligible visa, Pilot 2 – Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants might be for you!

Pilot 2 offers a free and fast-tracked skills assessment in an eligible occupation

  • Get your results within 15 business days of completing your application 
  • Use a successful assessment letter in your job applications 
  • Employers can be sure you have the skills to do the job in your chosen occupation.
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Improve your workplace skills – Pilot 3

Some employers might be looking for specific workplace skills such as leadership, organisation or digital literacy. These are often called “employability skills” and can help you thrive in any workplace. 

If you are on an eligible visa, have already received a successful skills assessment in an eligible occupation, and are not working at that skill level, you may be able to get help to improve your employability skills.

The Pilot 3 – Employability Assessments for Migrants Pilot offers: 

  • A free employability assessment 
  • A free coaching session 
  • A free personalised plan to improve your skills 
  • Up to $3,000 to cover employability skills training

Your employability skills could be the missing piece you need to help you get a job in your chosen field. 

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Benefits for employers

Skilled migrants can help you build a qualified workforce with the experience and skills you need for your business or project.

You can be confident that a migrant with a successful skills assessment has the right skills and qualifications to work in Australia.

A skills assessment through Pilot 2 is undertaken by an authorised Assessing Authority. These Assessing Authorities check that migrants’ skills meet the standards to work in a relevant occupation.

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Faster Migrant Skills Assessments – Pilot 1

This Pilot finished on 17 June 2022 and is closed to new applications.

The Pilot offered fast-tracked skills assessments for onshore migrants who had already submitted and paid for an application in a priority occupation and were awaiting an outcome.