Fair Entitlements Guarantee

A legislative safety net scheme of last resort with assistance available for eligible employees.

We have made changes to support FEG claimants affected by recent flooding. If you are currently unable to provide documentation to evidence your claim, including proof of identity or residency status, call the FEG Hotline or visit the FEG Online Claim Form.

FEG is operating as usual and has arrangements in place to ensure services remain available to claimants and potential claimants.

By law, strict timeframes apply to FEG claims. Claimants are encouraged to submit their claims electronically wherever possible. This will ensure we are able to contact you quickly to discuss any further information we need for your claim to be effective, and assist with efficiency of processing.

What can I claim?

You may be able to claim:

  • your unpaid wages—up to 13 weeks
  • your unpaid annual leave and long service leave
  • payment in lieu of notice—up to five weeks
  • redundancy pay—up to four weeks per full year of service.

Note: unpaid Superannuation Guarantee Contributions cannot be claimed. You should pursue these through the Australian Taxation Office.


Am I an eligible employee?

You may be eligible for FEG assistance if you:

  • have lodged an effective claim within 12 months (of either the date you lost your job or the date of the liquidation or bankruptcy of your former employer)
  • have lost your job due to the insolvency of your employer or were terminated after, or within six months before, the appointment of a liquidator or bankruptcy trustee for your employer
  • are owed at least one of the entitlements mentioned above
  • were an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent visa or special category visa that allows you to stay and work in Australia at the time your employment ended.

Textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) contract outworkers may be eligible - see TCF contract outworkers scheme fact sheet for more information.

You won't be eligible if, for example, you:

  • were a contractor
  • were a director of the company within 12 months before liquidation
  • were a relative (as defined by the Corporations Act 2001) of an employee director of the company within 12 months before liquidation
  • do not meet all of the conditions of eligibility set out in the Fair Entitlements Guarantee Act 2012.
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How do I make a claim?

Applying online is the quickest way to receive your entitlements:

  • Lodge a claim for assistance online at FEG Online Services.
  • Make sure you read the full FEG fact sheets (including the Protecting your information fact sheet) before submitting your claim.
  • You will need to provide specified evidence of your citizenship status for your claim to be effective.
  • Remember that you only have 12 months to lodge your effective claim.
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What if I can't make a claim online?

You can print and complete the FEG Claim Form and email or post it to us. Or you can call the FEG Hotline 1300 135 040 and we will post the claim form to you.

How is tax withheld from FEG payments?

If you are eligible for FEG assistance, the payment must be taxed in accordance with the notice of variation under section 15-15 of Schedule 1 to the Tax Administration Act 1953. The How is tax withheld under FEG fact sheet includes more information.

Want to know more?

Have a look at our service charterfrequently asked questions and fact sheets or contact us.

If you have difficulty speaking or understanding English, call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 131 450 for the cost of a local call on land lines. Ask TIS National to call the Fair Entitlements Guarantee on 1300 135 040.

If you are deaf, or have a hearing impairment or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service (NRS) either through an internet relay call or one of their other services.

If you wish to nominate a person to act as the primary contact on your behalf please read the Role of an agent fact sheet.

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