Fair Entitlements Guarantee Service Charter

The department aims to make timely and accurate decisions on all Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) claims. To do this we rely on your cooperation as a claimant, as well as the cooperation of the insolvency practitioners who verify your entitlements.

We commit to the following service standards, together with the support of our claimants and insolvency practitioners. This will allow you to be paid your legal entitlements as quickly as possible.

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Role of the department

In administering the program, we will:

  • be courteous and helpful and make it easy for you and insolvency practitioners to communicate with us
  • contact insolvency practitioners promptly when we receive a new case
  • address routine enquiries about claim assessment within two business days or, where this is not possible, make sure we acknowledge the enquiry and explain the reasons for the delay
  • treat all personal information confidentially in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988
  • work closely with insolvency practitioners to ensure an open approach to claim assessment
  • reach a decision within 16 weeks of receiving an effective claim, or inform affected parties if this is not possible, giving reasons for the delay
  • clearly explain the outcome of each decision we make and advise what you can do if you disagree with the decision
  • make payments on claims within 3 business days of the claim approval decision.

Your role as a claimant

To help us help you better, you can:

  • submit your claim as early as possible (we cannot accept claims more than 12 months after your date of employment termination or your employer’s liquidation/bankruptcy)
  • provide all the supporting information asked for in the claim form when you submit your claim, and respond promptly and accurately to any request for further information
  • let us know immediately if there are any changes to your contact details or your circumstances – e.g. if you have started work with a new employer or are receiving entitlements from another source
  • tell us directly and as early as possible if you think we have made a mistake.

Role of insolvency practitioners

To ensure timeliness in the claims process, we rely on insolvency practitioners to:

  • make contact with the department as early as possible in the liquidation process if it is apparent that insufficient company funds are available to satisfy outstanding employee entitlements
  • promptly provide to the department information and documentation related to the insolvent company and the FEG services being provided
  • promptly provide the department with accurate and complete information about the amounts owing to employees at the time of liquidation/ bankruptcy, and resolution of discrepancies between these and the amounts claimed
  • keep the department informed about issues and prospects for dividend recovery.


Your views on how we can improve our service to you are always welcome. If you would like to provide feedback to us:

Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm

Fair Entitlements Guarantee Branch
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
GPO Box 9828