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It can be difficult knowing where to start when you are looking for work in an industry you don't have much experience in. The industry tiles below will take you to information about entry-level jobs. The information includes: descriptions of industries, tasks involved in entry-level work, entry-level prerequisites, advice on how to tailor your job application and interview tips.

Find employers in your chosen industry

Not all job ads are posted where you expect. Look beyond the usual jobs boards and find hidden vacancies available now on industry and regional jobs boards, employer websites and with recruitment firms.

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Jobs Showcase

Join us each month in our Jobs Showcase series, where we profile an employment sector in demand. In this webinar series you will discover what opportunities are available in a particular sector, hear from employer guest speakers and get tips on how to win that job!

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Jobs Community

The Jobs Community is for anyone that helps people find work. It is a network that is all about connecting people with jobs.

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Jobs in demand by location

Get a data snapshot of leading job vacancies in your region and match your skills to local vacancies listed on the job active website.

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Feedback and enquiries

If you have a question or would like to give feedback, you can get in touch with us using the Feedback and Enquiry Form.

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Updates and Information

This content will be regularly updated to reflect changes and as new information becomes available.

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