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Join us each month in our Jobs Showcase series, where we profile industries with a demand for workers. In this webinar series you will discover what opportunities are available in a particular sector. Hear from guest speakers, including employers, workers and other industry experts. You will also get tips on how to win that job!

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From November 2022, the Jobs Showcase webinar series will attract 10 points per webinar, with a maximum of 10 points per monthly reporting period.

Upcoming Jobs Showcase

From a distance we see four people with yellow and orange vests walking together through a shipping container storage area.

Transport and Logistics

Have you considered a job in the transport and logistics industry? Jobs are available now!

Join us at our free webinar to see how the industry is evolving. Hear from the heavy vehicle industry and one of the world’s largest truck manufacturers about all the different career paths for you.

Our guest speakers will also give you some tips about what employers are looking for in potential candidates.

Ready to kick start a job in transport and logistics today? Register below.

Webinar: Tuesday, 18 April – 12 pm (AEDT)

Previous Jobs Showcases


Are you looking for a job in the manufacturing sector? Employers are hiring now!

View our free webinar and hear from our guest speakers, including employers looking to hire and workers from the industry. You’ll also learn tips and tricks to help put your best foot forward.

We discuss a range of current job opportunities and showcase how you can work with the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques.

A large robotic arm is lifting a large panel, while three people in safety helmets and yellow vests stand facing it nearby with their backs to the camera.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Are you ready to hear all about the exciting apprenticeships and traineeships on offer in 2023?

View our free webinar to find out about a range of career opportunities and the new skills you can gain while getting paid in your dream job.

You’ll also hear from our guest speakers, who will share their insights and discuss the 500 different career options available to you.

Find your dream job in 2023 through self-employment

Ready to start your own business, or need help with your existing small business?

View our webinar to find out how Self-Employment Services can help turn your idea or skills into a thriving business. You’ll hear all about the free advice, training and mentoring opportunities available to help you on your self-employment journey.

Be inspired by guest speakers sharing their insights and success stories!

Want to find out more?

Visit Self‑Employment Services to find out more about small business support.

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Building Resilience

A video on building resilience is now available to view.

You can tune in and hear from our guest speakers from headspace, IKEA and Riviera Australia. They share their insights and strategies to help you overcome possible challenges on your path to finding and starting a new job, training or study.

A PowerPoint is available with more information on strategies to help you with some of the challenges you may face when looking for and starting your next job.

You can find more resources from headspace here:

Finding a great job in the hospitality and tourism sector

The hospitality and tourism sector has 1,000s of jobs available – pick one and launch your career in an exciting industry full of opportunity.

View our free webinar to find out more about all the jobs available to you - even if you have no experience. Hear directly from employers about what they are looking for and how you can get a job that is right for you.

Image of hotel lobby with employees and guests
Carer talking to an elderly woman in a wheel chair in her home

Finding a great job in the care and support industry

Do you have a passion for helping people? This is your opportunity to explore a range of jobs available in Australia’s fastest growing sector.

View the webinar to find out about current job vacancies and hear from employer guest speakers, who share their expert advice on how you can win that job.

Kick start your rewarding career in the care and support sector today!

Finding a great job in a contact centre

Do you enjoy talking to people and problem solving? Then working in a contact centre may be the perfect fit for you.

View the webinar to find out more about working in a contact centre and how you can win that job. There are plenty of opportunities available within the industry!

Hear from employer guest speakers who share practical tips, such as what they are looking for in an ideal candidate and what to expect when you start the job. They even detail what jobs they are looking to fill now!

working people on the computer
Image of two people standing behind a cash register

Finding a great job in the retail sector

Working in this sector is a great way to enter the workforce and is an excellent entry point to a promising career.

View the webinar and find out more about the range of opportunities in retail and how to win that job. There are 1000s of jobs available for the 2022 Shopping Season!

Hear from guest speakers on what they are looking for – and how to launch your career in retail.


Here’s what some previous viewers have said about our webinars:

"Great presentation, very informative and looks like a rewarding career path" – Attendee at the Care and Support Jobs Showcase

"Thanks so much for everyone's time today- so helpful! I am about to avail myself of several of the workshops & the entrepreneurship course" – Attendee at the Self-Employment Services Jobs Showcase

“It was very informative and as an older unemployed person I appreciated the information that age need not be a barrier. So onward and upward” – Attendee at the Hospitality and Tourism Jobs Showcase