Logistics, Warehousing and Transport

All the goods and services that make our modern lives possible, are created, managed and delivered through supply chains. 

Every item you purchase and everything in your house and local community was transported as an item of ‘freight’, organised by ‘logistics’ managers working in networks of national or international ‘supply chain’ companies.   

There are supply chains linked to every industry, including retail, food manufacturing, agriculture and mining.

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The jobs available in supply chain and logistics range from entry level roles such as picking and packing through to management, operations and support areas. Jobs could be with small and medium businesses or major corporations.

The supply chain and logistics sector in Australia employs more than half a million people across 18 different categories of jobs such as:

  • road, rail, air and sea transport
  • logistics, warehousing and distribution
  • procurement, freight forwarding and customs broking
  • scheduling, planning, risk management, occupational health and safety and communications.

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  • do an aptitude quiz to test your literacy and numeracy for commencing in the warehousing and logistics industry

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