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Exploring Careers: Strengthening Australia's Defence and Maritime Industries Workforce

Welcome to the registration page for the "Exploring Careers: Strengthening Australia's Defence and Maritime Industries Workforce" webinar. 

Dive into Australia's Defence and Maritime Industries in our webinar!
This webinar is designed to inform key labour market intermediaries about diverse career opportunities in Defence and Maritime.

Who should attend? 

We encourage you to attend if you’re a career advisor in schools, TAFE, or universities, recruitment agency, employment service provider, and someone who plays a crucial role in guiding individuals towards fulfilling careers.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insight and knowledge to assist individuals navigating career paths within Defence and Maritime industries. 

Event details: 

Location: Online

Date: Wednesday 28 February 2024

Time: 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm AEDT

How to register: 
Please follow the link below to secure your spot for this free webinar.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Jobs Community is a network that is all about connecting people with jobs. You will receive invitations to industry webinars, employment opportunities and more. It will also be an opportunity to share employment related information/initiatives and best practice, such as through our quarterly Connecting and Collaborating events.

Jobs Community A Community of Practice - All about connecting people with jobs!

Connecting and Collaborating

View our webinars and resources to find and listen to useful insights from employers and other industry guests on a range of topics about recruitment, the labour market, upcoming initiatives and future workforce directions.

Connecting and Collaborating – It's all about connecting people with jobs


This webinar details how to connect people with jobs. It explores how Employment Liaison Officers and webinars such as Jobs Showcase can help promote local job opportunities. Guests from National Skills Commission and National Careers Institute shared labour market research and analysis.

Connecting and Collaborating 1 – Its all about connecting people with jobs.pdf

Connecting and Collaborating – Digital Skills for Employment


This webinar explores the digital skills required for certain employment opportunities. It also explores the content and structure of the Australian Digital Capability Framework, which focuses on information and data literacy, digital content creation, communication and collaboration, protection and safety, and technical proficiency and problem solving.

Connecting and Collaborating 2 – Digital Skills for Employment.pdf

Connecting and Collaborating – Not just a piece of paper


In this webinar, you will learn about the importance of resume, even in a digital age. Recruiters and guest speakers provide their top tips about tailoring your job application, and why its an important tool when applying and searching for a job.

Connecting and Collaborating 3 – Not just a piece of paper.pdf

Connecting and Collaborating 3#: Not just a piece of paper is a webinar recording that provides advice about resumes and online applications.

Exploring Careers in Care and Support

Watch the webinar to hear from subject matter experts and employer guest speakers from South Australia. You'll receive tips and insights on how to best communicate about the wide range of opportunities the sector has to offer, including links to additional resources.

Video of Webinar on Exploring Careers in Care and Support: South Australia.