Workforce Australia – information for Business and Industry

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Workforce Australia provides a more connected recruitment service to business through:

  • improved matching, shortlisting and dynamic servicing based on workforce need through Workforce Australia Online for Business
  • Provider services that are tailored and offer post placement support and financial incentives
  • reduced administration and red tape to simplify and accelerate the recruitment process.

Business and industry will also have access to additional support through tailored projects delivered as part of the Workforce Specialists initiative, Local Jobs Program and Launch into Work program.

For more information, see the Workforce Australia – information for businesses factsheet.

Workforce Specialists

Workforce Specialists deliver strategic projects to meet the workforce needs of industry, including to address large-scale labour and skills shortages.

  • Workforce Specialist Projects could include events, pre-employment programs, customised training and job placements.
  • Workforce Specialists work collaboratively with industry and business, the department and other employment services providers to deliver projects.

For more information, visit the Workforce Specialists page.

Local Jobs Program

The Local Jobs Program supports the development and implementation of tailored approaches to accelerate reskilling, upskilling and employment across Australia and seeks to provide tailored responses to support local labour markets.

The Local Jobs Program is delivered in all 51 Employment Regions across Australia and brings together key local stakeholders including businesses, employment services providers, education and training organisations to work collaboratively to design projects and develop solutions and Local Recovery Fund activities that skill people to meet local business demand.

For more information, visit the Local Jobs Program page.

Launch into Work

The Launch into Work program supports the delivery of pre-employment projects that prepare individuals for specific entry-level roles with an organisation.

Projects are co-designed with businesses and tailored to the needs of the business. This ensures that individuals build the skills, experience and confidence they need to commence in entry-level roles.

The program is primarily focused on creating long-term employment pathways for women.

For more information, visit the Launch into Work page.