Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia is the employment service delivered by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. Workforce Australia includes a new online service and a network of providers to deliver personalised support. Workforce Australia helps Australians find and keep a job, change jobs or create their own job.

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Find a job and get support

Workforce Australia Online gives you the knowledge and tools needed to get a job, learn new skills or access extra support. You can access online services at any time from a smartphone, tablet, or home computer. We have a dedicated team in the Digital Service Contact Centre (DSCC) to help you get the most out of Workforce Australia Online.

If you are eligible and need more support to get job-ready, a Workforce Australia Employment Services Provider may be assigned to help you.

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Hire staff for your business

Workforce Australia supports business and industry with tailored recruitment and workforce planning. Workforce Australia Online for Business streamlines how businesses find and hire the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.

You can advertise a job on Workforce Australia Online for Business, get support from an Employment Services Provider or call the Digital Services Contact Centre (DSCC) for assistance.

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Support for Employment Services Providers

Workforce Australia will help you support individuals who need it the most. Providers deliver intensive and individualised case management for individuals to help them find and keep meaningful work.

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Consultation has been at the heart of Workforce Australia and was informed by collaboration with over 1,400 stakeholders, national and internal research, and user-centred design with individuals, businesses and employment services providers.