Engineering Essentials

Panel Member, Prestige Staffing Solutions will commence the delivery of their first Workforce Specialist project, “Engineering Essentials” from 12 February 2024. Promotion and selection of participants will commence early January 2024.

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Their first project is focused on the Manufacturing industry, it will be delivered in Queensland and will target the Brisbane South East, Gold Coast, Somerset and Wivenhoe Employment Regions.

To achieve their project outcomes, Workforce Specialist Prestige Staffing Solutions will deliver a pre-employment program that will assist up to 100 participants over 10 tranches to prepare themselves for a career in the Manufacturing industry, more specifically entry level roles in assembly, dispatch and welding.

The project is available to all Workforce Australia, Workforce Australia Online and Transition to Work participants, including all ages and cohorts.

This project has allocated three of the ten tranches to solely focus on the Indigenous Australians cohort by bringing in additional mentors, elders and other supports to assist participants with completion.

Elements of the training will see participants:

  • take part in a Trade Taste Tester event to determine suitability
  • complete accredited and non-accredited units of competency
  • prepare for employment opportunities through résumé and interview assistance
  • promote their capabilities in front of employers through interviews
  • take part in a three day paid work trial
  • offered entry level employment opportunities
  • receive 6 weeks of post placement support, and
  • be provided with up to three driving lessons and their driving test for eligible participants.

If you would like to hear more about the project, please reach out to Geoffrey Sidhu at Prestige Staffing Solutions on 0499 863 111 or Alternatively, contact the Workforce Specialists team via email on