New Employment Services Trial (NEST) Job Plan and Mutual Obligation Requirements

Participants generally have Mutual Obligation Requirements, in return for receiving taxpayer-funded income support paid by Services Australia. These Mutual Obligation Requirements are outlined in each Participant’s Job Plan.

The main aim of Mutual Obligation Requirements is to help a Participant into paid work and reduce reliance on income support as quickly as possible. It also allows for Participants to contribute to the community that supports them while they are unemployed.

It is necessary for Enhanced Services Providers (Trial Provider) to ensure that each Participant, including Participants without compulsory Mutual Obligation Requirements, have a Job Plan in place at all times and that the requirements in the Job Plan are suitably and individually tailored to the Participant’s circumstances and appropriate to the level of their capability.

Setting appropriate Mutual Obligation Requirements means that where the Targeted Compliance Framework is applied, it does not unfairly apply to a Participant who could not reasonably be expected to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements based on their circumstances and level of capability.

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