VET Information for Providers

Information for providers regarding the VET Student Loans (VSL) program, including how to become an approved provider and the resources available once you are approved.

On this page:

Becoming a VET Student Loans provider

This page provides advice on the eligibility requirements and the application process for becoming a VET Student Loans approved provider.

Information for approved providers

A collection of resources, tools and fact sheets to assist you administer the VET Student Loans program once you are approved.

Learning modules

There are training resources to assist newly approved providers learn about census days and fee periods, the information that must be given to students prior to enrolment and student notices.

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment tool information

There are approved LLN assessment tools that you can use to determine that a student meets the entry requirements of the VET Student Loans program. You can also apply to have a LLN assessment tool approved for your specific use to assess a student’s competence in reading and numeracy.


Compliance activities are undertaken to monitor and enforce the compliance of approved course providers with the VET Student Loans Act and the VET Student Loans Rules.

Tuition protection arrangements

The VET Student Loans program has tuition protection arrangements which impose obligations and requirements on providers and are underpinned by a sustainable provider levy framework.

Extraordinary circumstances

This page provides advice about how the department may be able to support approved VSL providers during extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters and the measures providers can take to support their students.

VET Student Loans legislation and policy documents

The VET Student Loans program is governed by Acts of Parliament and Legislative Instruments. In 2019 a full evaluation of the program was undertaken.

VET Student Loans Statistics

The VET Student Loans Data Collection includes administrative and statistical data about the VET Student Loans program.