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Information for students on how to access a VET Student Loan, including how to find approved courses and approved course providers.

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Fairer indexation of VET Student Loans

The Government has announced significant changes to the way VET Student Loans will be indexed, effective from 1 June 2023, subject to the passage of legislation.

You can access information about this change and an indexation credit estimator to help you understand these changes and how they may benefit you.

•    Fairer indexation of VET Student Loans

Historical VET loan transfer

For advice to VET students seeing historical loan amounts now appearing on their ATO record please read Transfer of historical loan records for VET students.

How to access a VET Student Loan

Find out if you are eligible to access a VET Student Loan, learn how to apply for the loan and see the resources available to assist you manage your loan.

Approved courses and approved providers

Courses approved for a VET Student Loan must be at the diploma level or above and meet certain eligibility criteria that ensures it aligns with industry needs and leads to good employment outcomes. Approved courses are allocated a maximum loan amount that can be borrowed for each course. You can find further information on the eligibility criteria and how loan caps are determined here:

You can search for courses and course providers, including VSL approved courses and VSL approved providers on the Your Career website. You can refine your search for courses by qualification, course feature, financial assistance and industry sector.

Debt complaints

If you have an issue with your debt or a complaint about a provider there are formal complaints processes to have your problem addressed.

Tuition protection and provider default

If your VSL provider defaults, you may be eligible to access tuition protection assistance. Defaults are defined as failing to start to provide a course, or part of a course, on the day it was scheduled to start, and you have not withdrawn. Defaults also occur when the provider closes or ceases delivering your course.


The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations is committed to monitoring and enforcing the compliance of approved course providers with the VET Student Loans Act and the VET Student Loans Rules.

Government Assistance

You will find more information about government assistance for financing tertiary study on Study Assist.

Student Enquiries

If you have read the student information linked above and have further queries about applying for a VET Student Loan or about managing your loan, you can enquire with the department.