Employment Services Advisory Group

As a result of the pandemic, the Government took the decision to bring forward its investment in the digital platform and the Online Employment Services System to proactively support job seekers and employers. It also announced an increase in the investment of skills with the commencement of the Local Jobs Program accelerating the reskilling, upskilling and employment pathways in 25 employment regions across Australia to support economic recovery.

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On 16 December 2020 the Employment Services Advisory Group meet for the first time (this replaced the New Employment Services Reference Group) with a broader membership. This Group’s remit extends beyond the New Employment Services Model and supports the government’s focus on skills and training and the Local Jobs Program.

The Advisory Group will play a critical role in providing advice and feedback to the department on:

  • the delivery of a modern, comprehensive and sophisticated digital platform.
  • aspects of the final design of the new employment services model that will support job seekers with additional barriers to employment and to address these through effective support from employment service providers.
  • how programs such as the Local Jobs Program (LJP), the introduction of skills matching tools and links to the National Careers Institute can be incorporated into the new model to better support job seekers and employers in response to Australia’s economic recovery now and into the future.


Communiqué 1 – Meeting held 16 December 2020

Communiqué 2 – Meeting held 4 February 2021

Communiqué 3 – Meeting held 31 March 2021

Communiqué 4 – Meeting held 13 May 2021

Communiqué 5 – Meeting held 15 July 2021

Communiqué 6 – Meeting held 19 November 2021

Communiqué 7 – Meeting held 11 April 2022