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Employment Facilitator

Mid-shot photo of the Sydney South West Employment Facilitator, Oggie Bosnjak

Oggie Bosnjak
Sydney South West Employment Facilitator
0403 091 812

Local Jobs Plan

Sydney South West Local Jobs Plan


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National Priority Fund Projects

National Priority Fund Project Organisation Description
Entry Level Academy program Macarthur Workplace Learning Program

The Entry Level Academy (ELA) program supports young people aged 16 to 18 years old who are at risk from disengaging from formal education and/or training. The ELA is targeting potential school leavers seeking an early transition into the workplace as well as supporting young people to re-engage with formal education and training.

Delivery of three academies will support young people over a 6-week period to develop their ‘work readiness’ skills and prepare them for entry level positions within high demand industries, such as aged care, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics and warehousing, automotive, entertainment, and retail.

To find out more visit: Entry Level Academy (MWLP).

Local Recovery Funds

A Local Recovery Fund is available in the Sydney South West region for projects that meet the priorities identified in the Local Jobs Plan.

Projects will be identified for funding through periodic Request for Proposals (RFP).

Please contact your local Employment Facilitator for information about the Local Recovery Fund and to discuss project proposals.