Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces

Each Employment Region has a Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce, chaired by the Employment Facilitator. Taskforces have up to 10 members that represent, and are reflective of, their community. Taskforces include local stakeholders such as employers or industry groups, community organisations, education and training providers, employment services providers, and local or state governments. Taskforce members volunteer their time and are highly valued for bringing their industry or community perspectives to the taskforce, and for informing local initiatives in their regions.

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Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces meet regularly to develop a shared understanding of their region. They develop solutions to help more Australians connect with quality job opportunities, improve their skills and assist employers to meet their labour and skills needs.

Taskforces play a central role in connecting, coordinating and leveraging existing programs and aligning efforts on the ground to ensure collaboration is maximised, duplication is minimised, and outcomes are achieved.

Taskforces work with the Employment Facilitator to develop and implement a Local Jobs Plan for their region. The plan identifies key employment and training priorities and provides a framework for how to assist individuals and employers.

For more information about your local Taskforce, including current membership and priorities, please contact your local Employment Facilitator.