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Photo of North Eastern Melbourne Employment Facilitator Brad Byrne

Employment Facilitator

Bradley Byrne
Interim North Eastern Melbourne Employment Facilitator
0484 300 799

Local Jobs Plan 

North Eastern Melbourne Local Jobs Plan


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Local Recovery Funds

A Local Recovery Fund is available in the North Eastern Melbourne region for projects that meet the priorities identified in the Local Jobs Plan.

Projects will be identified for funding through periodic Request for Proposals (RFP).

Please contact your local Employment Facilitator for information about the Local Recovery Fund and to discuss project proposals.

Approved Activities

Activity Name Organisation Local Recovery Fund Activity Partner Description
Local Partnerships, Local Pathways Glen Park Community Centre Incorporated Salvation Army Employment Plus This activity involves tailored individual development pathways aimed at a local need for entry level positions in cleaning, hospitality, guest services, maintenance and security. The activity will be delivered over 10 weeks and target a range of disadvantaged cohorts. Pre-accredited training will include communication skills for work and community, pre-employment preparation and planning and job readiness skills. Accredited training will be available where it meets specific employment requirements.
Empowered Threesixty Academy Pty Ltd Job Prospects This activity will deliver pre-employment training for participants for placement into employment. The pre-employment training will provide essential skills for participants based on existing role descriptions developed in consultation with employer, Toll People. The training includes industry specific content based on accredited units of work in safety and risk mitigation.

For further information on the activity, please contact the Employment Facilitator or the organisation.