North and North Western Tasmania

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Employment Facilitator

James McCormack
North and North Western Tasmania Employment Facilitator
0428 299 262

Local Jobs Plan

North and North Western Tasmania Local Jobs Plan


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Local Recovery Funds

A Local Recovery Fund is available in the North and North Western Tasmania region for projects that meet the priorities identified in the Local Jobs Plan.

Projects will be identified for funding through periodic Request for Proposals (RFP).

Please contact your local Employment Facilitator for information about the Local Recovery Fund and to discuss project proposals.

Approved Activities

Activity Name Organisation Local Recovery Fund Activity Partner Description
The Brumby Hill Northwest Regional Mobilisation Project Brumby Hill Aboriginal Corporation Max Solutions Pty Ltd This activity provides intensive ‘wrap around’ support and pre-employment training to 30 participants receiving services from an Employment Services Provider and are from the local Indigenous Australian community in the North West coast of Tasmania. The activity assists participants to obtain work experience and placements with culturally safe workplaces and includes education and tailored post-placement support and input from their Employment Services Provider. Through engagement with the activity, cultural competency of employers and Employment Services Providers in the region and their future capability to effectively engage this cohort, will be improved.

For further information on the activity, please contact the Employment Facilitator or the organisation.