Employer Brand

A strong employer brand is an important asset in helping you to attract, engage and retain employees. It tells applicants why they should choose your business over one of your competitors, and makes a promise about the future employee experience.

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When it comes to the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), business can fall into one of two common traps:

  • Under-selling the qualities, behaviours and experiences that differentiate them as an employer
  • Selling an experience that is not aligned with reality

If you are unsure what differentiates you as a business – why not ask your employees? We recommend a three-step approach:

Step 1: Ask your employees

The CEO and executive team could hold focus groups or run a survey to gather employee input on the qualities, motivations and behaviours that make your business a great place to work.

Image of a manager talking to an employee.
Image of a manager testing findings with an employee.

Step 2: Consolidate and test

Consolidate information and test findings with new employees. Ask them if the new proposition aligns with their experience of the business so far.

Step 3: Validate and iterate

Reach out to the broader community and seek their input on whether the advertisement helps to position the organisation as a great place to work. Take their feedback on board and continue to adjust and adapt.

Image of three people.

Better practice

Below is an example of an advertisement that effectively outlines the benefits of working with that business, positioning them as an employer of choice.

Perks our employees enjoy include:

  • 13% superannuation
  • New hire training and onboarding programs
  • Weekly lunch-and-learn sessions
  • Access to employee assistance
  • Flexible working arrangements to help you balance work and home responsibilities
  • Mentoring for new managers
  • Paid parental leave
  • Social clubs

What makes this better practice?

  • Clearly demonstrates the opportunities an employer can offer a candidate
  • Highlights the skills, experience and personality that would thrive in your business
  • Comprehensive list of employee benefits
  • Details the type of flexible working arrangements