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A state-based proof of concept for initiatives to support women to thrive at work

Coates is a national equipment rental company operating in regional and metropolitan areas. Coates have directed their Workforce Australia - Career Revive efforts toward the Western Australia unit. The Workforce Australia - Career Revive program has supported leaders and HR team to create a culture of equity, inclusion and diversity.

The People & Safety team, with support from the KPMG Career Revive team, are designing the Coates Returner Program. A high performing team in the WA Head Office will test the program. It will support women to return to work and to work in a male-dominated sector. If successful, other areas deemed suitable across the business will implement the program.

The Returner Program will include:

  • a ‘Buddy’ program where Returners will partner with a peer to guide them through the first 3 months
  • opportunities for Returners to provide feedback on their experience through the Returner Program. This will inform ongoing evaluation and improvement.

Coates are also applying strategies that include:

  • participation in an 'Inclusive Culture' workshop. This supports business leaders to recognise and reduce bias in meeting performance and the 'invisible work' conducted by women in the business. Through the workshop, leaders will identify actions to address bias in the moment and work collectively to shift behaviours 'one practice at a time.'
  • Updating language in recruitment advertisements including:
    • removing gendered words and phrases
    • highlighting Coates’ work to improve gender representation and address unconscious bias.
  • Reviewing their parental leave policy with a view to update and align with industry best practice. For example 12+ weeks of paid parental leave.
  • Releasing a Flexibility Policy to support informal and formal working arrangements between Managers and staff members.
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The business has implemented a Supported Returner Program or has plans to do so.

The business has successfully implemented other actions to increase attraction, recruitment, and retention for women returning to work.