Employee Value Proposition

Strengthen your organisation’s employee value proposition

Recently, organisations have adapted to the evolving needs of modern-day professionals and developed a greater understanding of contemporary workforce values. Organisations strive for high-quality experiences for both their customers and employees.

Understanding the EVP

The employee value proposition (EVP) is a nuanced concept. It encompasses everything from how an organisation attracts and retains talent, to how someone describes their workplace experiences to friends and family.

The EVP includes objective elements such as:

  • Parental leave policies
  • Remuneration
  • Flexible work arrangements.

Subjective elements include:

  • Experiences working for a particular leader.

According to a report by consulting firm, KPMG, only 18% of organisations differentiated their EVP from other organisations with whom they compete for talent.

“In this new world of work, we need to see employers and businesses getting their people together to test ideas, talk about what’s working, and try different ways of attracting talent. Listening to what staff think about an organisation and where they think improvement needs to happen is a good indicator of where an EVP needs to draw upon and where focus may be required.”

- Career Revive Mentor

The Employee Value Proposition Toolkit contains tools, tips and advice to help HR professionals and business leaders to develop a compelling EVP.

Employee Value Proposition Toolkit


This guidance material contains tools, tips and advice to help HR professionals and business leaders to develop a compelling Employee Value Proposition.

Employee Value Proposition.pdf

Rethinking the employee experience

Employees are more focused on their individual experience at their workplace than ever before, and employers need to adapt accordingly to retain top talent. Here are the basic principles that drive employee engagement.

Knowing what workers want

One size does not fit all when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. What people seek from their workplace is entirely unique to them and is often influenced by age, life stage, and career and personal goals.

This resource profiles three talent segments: Women, frontline workers, and knowledge workers.

Visualising and enhancing the EVP

When deciding what to include in your EVP, it is important to consider what might be most important to targeted employee cohorts such as women. This also needs to align with what your business is best placed to deliver.

This map can guide organisations and leaders to conceptualise their EVP. Use in conjunction with the EVP enhancement activities to create or reshape your EVP.

Getting inspired

Use this check list to refine your EVP and be inspired by other businesses approaching their EVP opportunities.