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Better every day for women, parents and staff

MidCoast Council (MCC) is a local government entity servicing New South Wales mid coast residents, businesses and environment.

MCC’s participation in Workforce Australia - Career Revive explored ways to:

  • increase the number of female employees working across its business areas, and
  • provide opportunities to further support current employees, particularly parents at the council.

Following diagnostic activities MCC chose three focus areas:

  1. women in leadership
  2. supporting returns/restarts
  3. measurement and continuous improvement.

Their immediate focus is to:

  • ensure a better parental leave experience
  • attract returners into open roles, and
  • encourage staff development through Career Revive capability workshops.

MCC developed a roadmap for staff and managers to navigate the parental leave process and engage in productive conversations around parental leave. The HR and finance teams are working together to ensure there is greater awareness of employees taking parental leave.

The HR team is currently designing a returner microsite that includes a permanent application link (EOI) for returners. MCC will utilise these returners to fill suitable casual and permanent roles as required.

In the medium term, MCC also aims to:

  • explore the use of data to identify factors and barriers that may reduce diversity in leadership, and
  • establish a staff development and mentoring program for female employees.
Career Revive Bronze Medal Icon

The business has participated in the Workforce Australia - Career Revive program and has accepted their Career Revive Action Plan.

The business is striving to mature attraction, recruitment, and retention practices for women returning to work in their business.