Factors to consider when designing roles

The University of Cambridge Human Resource area suggests that the following factors are considered when designing or re-designing roles:


Greater variety can improve the interest in a job. This could mean adding additional challenges to roles or incorporating new tasks.


Employees should feel personally responsible for the work they produce (both the successes and failures) and understand the significance of their work within the broader business.


It is best to give employees a degree of flexibility of how, when or where a job is done, within the parameters of the job.

Task identity

Employees often gain more satisfaction from undertaking a job from beginning to end.


Regular feedback, both positive and constructive, helps to develop employees and build motivation.

Participation in decision making

People like to participate in decisions that affect them and are more likely to support changes that they have played a part in.

Recognition and support

A supportive environment will allow employees to perform at their best. Employee’s value reward and recognition, however this can come in different forms for different employees.

Working environment

The working environment should support employees and be free from harassment, discrimination and safety hazards.

For more info, visit the University of Cambridge HR website.

For more info, visit the University of Cambridge HR website

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