Career Revive case study - Nexus Primary Health

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Attracting new female talent

Nexus Primary Health (Nexus) is a fully integrated primary health service with over 300 employees. Nexus has been providing personalised health care to the communities of Mitchell, Murrindindi and Strathbogie Shires for over 40 years.

Nexus faces many of the same workforce challenges experienced by regional health services — including maldistribution of specialist workers and significant and increasing demand for their services.

Nexus wished to improve its approach to attracting and engaging new staff. Their goal is to provide the best quality, person-centred health services to the community.


The Career Revive initiative has supported Nexus to more clearly define their strategic focus regarding talent attraction and engagement.

This sharper focus has led to increased executive support and engagement in strategic workforce initiatives, including the referral program, returner program, and the design and delivery of a maternity return program.

The development of a strategic recruitment framework has enabled Nexus to better plan for future growth and has supported their ongoing recruitment and retention activities.


A comprehensive diagnostic supported the Nexus HR team to identify factors preventing positive change and develop targeted strategies to enable continuous improvements.

To support the attraction and recruitment of women returning to work following a career break, Nexus developed a comprehensive Returner Program Prototype which it is looking to trial in its corporate areas with a view to trialling in other areas if successful.

Following consultation with a Career Revive Mentor, Nexus developed and implemented a referral incentive program, to help staff to spread the word about open roles amongst their networks.

Finally, Nexus has leveraged Career Revive initiative elements, including capability workshops, mentorship and resources to align leaders, managers and staff around the need for strategic workforce activities, positioning the HR team as the primary driver for this work.